Trekking and what you need to know

Now that you have your heart set on going on a trekking trip, there are obviously essentials that you need to know about trekking, before you embark on that exciting journey.

The right gear: This seems to be the most appropriate place to start. The right clothes are essential and you will have to know the terrain and weather conditions you could expect to encounter. You’ll need:

  • Jacket to keep you from the heat of the sun, the rain or the cold wind in the winters. Check the weather updates and get a jacket that fits the season and the area. Make sure to get a waterproof one and one that is made of breathable material.
  • You need a thermal or a cotton layer inside your jacket to absorb all that extra heat and perspiration. Get one that is durable and doesn’t tear easily. Test it out before you take it trekking.
  • Trousers need to be comfortable and spacious to store things. You can even look for waterproof ones for added comfort and security.
  • For long-distance trails, trekking shoes are more appropriate than boots. So know the terrain.
  • Socks should be durable, dry quickly, keep your feet warm, or cool, depending on the weather.
  • Carry a hat and sunglasses to shield you from the harsh afternoon sun and pack gloves.
  • A tent that is also waterproof and light and large enough for 2 people. Depending on the weather, it should reflect sunlight to keep cool or attract warmth in the cold. NEVER trek alone.
  • Carry water based soups and plenty of energy bars to keep you going. Cover your food, while cooking to save on the energy.

Other essential gear should include:

  • A Sleeping Bag and sleeping mat
  • A Hiking Rucksack
  • A cell phone with charged battery
  • A Flashlight with new batteries
  • Map & Compass
  • Waterproof Matches
  • First Aid Kit and Mosquito Repellent
  • Walking Poles

Before You Head Out

  • Plan your Trek with a partner or partners and know the area.
  • Tell someone specifically where you are going and what time you expect to return.
  • Check the Weather
  • Bring a camera for photos! 


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